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Welcome to the City of Cypress Business Community!

An important part of commencing business includes obtaining a required business license.  In accordance with Chapter 15 of the Cypress Municipal Code section, all businesses and non-profit entities are required to obtain and maintain a Cypress business license/tax certificate in order to transact business or occupy space in the City. Businesses located outside of Cypress but conducting business activity within the city limits are also required to have a Cypress business license. A business license application must be submitted within 30 days of the first date of conducting business in the City. 


The business license requirement enables the City to maintain a database of businesses operating within the City which can be used for police emergency responses, sales tax purposes, and demographic studies.

Application and Renewal Process

A completed Business License Application (Application) is required for all persons conducting business within the City.  Applications and annual renewals can be submitted online. 

All licenses expire annually on June 30.  Business license renewals are sent to business owners the first week of July to allow for the reporting of total gross receipts from July 1 of the previous year to June 30. Out of town contractors must renew their license prior to applying for a building permit. Building permits will not be issued to contractors who do not possess a valid business license.

Please Note: Effective January 1, 2020, a $28 administrative fee will be applied to all new business licenses and renewals.

Disability Access Requirements

Effective January 1, 2019, business applicants/renewals are required to comply with Assembly Bill 3002. The law, creating Government Code section 4469.5, expands the information required to be provided to applicants.  Please read the Notice to Applicants for Business Licenses and Commercial Building Permits prior to apply for or renewing a business license.

PLEASE NOTE: Assembly Bill 1379, signed into law on October 11, 2017, increased the existing Disability Access and Education Fee from $1 to $4 effective January 1, 2018.  This fee is added to any application for a local business license or similar instrument or permit, or renewal thereof. The purpose is to increase disability access and compliance with construction-related accessibility requirements and to develop educational resources for businesses in order to facilitate compliance with federal and state disability laws, as specified.

Business registration/renewal online



If you would like to apply by mail or in person, please request an application by email. If you need assistance, a business license representative can be reached by email or at (714) 229-6712 Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

Fictitious Business Name Statement

  • In-town businesses using a fictitious business name that does not include the owner's surname must first file for a Fictitious Business Name Statement (Statement) through the Orange County Clerk/Recorder.
  • A copy of the Statement will be requested during the application review.
  • The business address on the Statement must match the business address on the Application.
  • The ownership on the Statement must exactly match the ownership on the Application.

Seller's Permit

  • Businesses involved in the sale or lease of merchandise, vehicles, or other tangible property are required to obtain a Seller's Permit from the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (formerly the State Board of Equalization.)
  • The Seller's Permit number must be provided in the Application.


  • If the business is a corporation, a copy of the Articles of Incorporation will be required.

Home-based Businesses

  • Home-based business are subject to the Home Occupation Permit Criteria.
  • If you have any questions about the criteria, please contact the Planning Division at (714) 229-6720.

Out-of-Town Contractors

  • All businesses performing work within Cypress must have an active license regardless of where the business is located.  This includes, but is not limited to, contractors, sub-contractors, gardeners, caterers, food trucks, etc.

Payment Options

Online payment options include credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover), and e-check, an electronic debit from your bank account.  There is no additional charge if paying by e-check.  Credit card payments are subject to a 3 percent convenience fee (minimum $2.00), which will be collected by the third-party credit card processor.

City Business Search

Certain information collected on Business License Applications is available to the public and can be accessed below.
Business License Search

Business License Assistance Guide




Orange County Clerk Recorder

222 S Harbor Blvd. #100
Anaheim, CA  92805
714-834-2500 (link is external)
12 Civic Center Plaza #101
Santa Ana, CA 92702

Fictitious Business Name

California Department of Tax and Fee Administration

16715 Von Karman Avenue #200
Irvine, CA 92606
949-440-3473 (link is external)

Seller's Permit

Internal Revenue Service

800-829-4933 (phone)
215-516-3990 (fax) (link is external)

Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)

Orange County Environmental Health

1241 E. Dyer Road #120
Santa Ana, CA 92705
714-433-6000 (link is external)

Health Permits for Food Service Businesses

Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control

28 Civic Center Plaza #369
Santa Ana, CA 92701
714-558-4101 (link is external)

Licenses to Serve Alcohol

Contractors State License Board

800-321-2752 (link is external)

Contractor Licenses

Department of Consumer Affairs

800-952-5210 (link is external)

Professional Licenses and Regulations

Employment Development Department

2099 State College Blvd. #401
Anaheim, CA 92806
714-558-4101 (link is external)

Disability Insurance, Income Tax Withholding, State, Payroll, Job Services, Etc.

Department of Industrial Relations (link is external)

Labor Laws and Workers' Compensation

Trademark and Service Marks (link is external)

California Only

U.S. Small Business Administration

714-550-7420 (link is external)

Information on Aid, Counsel, and Assisting Small Businesses

Cypress Chamber of Commerce

714-484-6015 (link is external)
Monday thru Thursday
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Membership Information

CalRecycle Waste & Recycling Compliance

1-800-RECYCLE (link is external)

California law now requires businesses to recycle.  (Assembly Bill 341)

Secretary of State

1230 J St. #100
Sacramento, CA 95814
916-653-3365 (link is external)

Incorporation or Business Names

SCORE (Services Corporation of Retired Executives)

Entrepreneur counseling

Under federal and state law, compliance with disability access laws is a serious and significant responsibility that applies to all California building owners and tenants with buildings open to the public. You may obtain information about your legal obligations and how to comply with disability access laws at the following agencies:
The Division of the State Architect at
The Department of Rehabilitation at 
The California Commission on Disability Access at