Veteran Recognition Program

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The City of Cypress is pleased to announce the implementation of the "Veteran Recognition Program" to honor and recognize Cypress military veterans.

The program is open to any person who has honorably served in the military. A veteran may be a Cypress resident, have immediate family that resides in Cypress, or work in the City, and may also include veterans that are deceased.

Veterans will be recognized at a Cypress City Council meeting and have a framed biography with photograph displayed in the lobby at City Hall.

If you would like to have a veteran recognized, please complete a Veteran Recognition form and submit, along with a military photograph if available, to the City Clerk's Office at 5275 Orange Avenue, Cypress or via email at Recognition forms are also available at City Hall, the Cypress Community Center and the Cypress Senior Center.

For more information, please contact the City Clerk's Office at (714) 229-6685.

Veteran Recognition Recipients

Thomas Barrera, United States Air Force
Mei Kimura, United States Navy

James Niua, United States Army
Jame Grimm, United States Army
Jack Rector, United States Air Force

Ronald Kovach, United States Army
Richard Higgins, United States Army
James Oslund, United States Army

Salvatore Micciche, United States Marine Corps
George Morse, United States Air Force (deceased)
Robert Shiroshi, United States Army (deceased)
Robert Wallace, United States Navy (deceased)
Peter Yurenko, United States Army (deceased)

Howard Phelps, United States Navy
Chuck Koester, United States Navy

Ralph Tillbrook, United States Marine Corps
Gerry Seymore, United States Navy
Alex Olea, United States Army

Elroy Voet, United States Navy