Trash & Recycling FAQs

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  • I am a new resident and would like to receive trash service.

    The City of Cypress has an exclusive franchise agreement with the Valley Vista Services Services which provides residential and commercial service to the City of Cypress. To activate trash service, or report any problem with your service, please contact Valley Vista Customer Service at 714-380-5450.
  • How do I obtain an extra trash can for home?

    Residents desiring an extra regular trash call Valley Vista Services at 714-380-5450 to arrange for services. The trash can will be delivered on your regularly scheduled trash pick up day.
  • How do I obtain an extra recycling trash can?

    Residents desiring another recycling can should contact Valley Vista Services directly at 714-380-5450. There is no fee for an additional recycling can. Your recycling can will be delivered to you on your regularly scheduled trash pick up day.
  • Where do I place my trash cans on non-trash pick up days?

    The City of Cypress Municipal Code specifies that all trash containers be placed behind a screened area and not be viewed from the public right-of-way.
  • When is my trash collection day? What about trash pick up after holidays?

    To determine your trash collection day, check the City’s Trash Collection Schedule. There is no trash pick up on the following holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. If your collection day falls on or after the holiday, your collection will be delayed by one day during the holiday week. Please visit and click on Holiday Schedule for more information. Or, for more information regarding trash pick after holidays, trash collection, or on the citywide recycling program, please call Valley Vista Services at 714-380-5450.
  • How can I recycle my old computer monitor, television set or e-waste?

    Call Valley Vista Services at 714-380-5450 to schedule a pickup.  Valley Vista Services will provide up to twelve (12) bulky item collections per calendar year.  Beginning October 1, 2017, Valley Vista Services will provide up to two (2) bulky item collections per calendar year.  For businesses, please contact Valley Vista Services for more information.  Curbside e-waste pickup is only available to residents.
  • Where can I take my hazardous waste and e-waste?

    The County of Orange has four locations that collect hazardous and electronic waste. The closest to the City of Cypress is located in Huntington Beach at 17121 Nichols Street (at Rainbow Disposal, off Warner Ave. between Beach Blvd. and Gothard Street, use Gate 6). Click here for more details on hazardous and e-waste, or call (714) 834-4000.
  • Can I throw my needles in the trash?

    It is illegal to dispose of sharps in the trash.  Putting sharps in the trash can harm children, pets, and solid waste workers.  Valley Vista Services offers a FREE sharps disposal program.  Residents should call them at 714-380-5450 or visit to learn more.
  • Do I have to use Valley Vista Services?

    Yes, the City has an exclusive franchise agreement with Valley Vista Services and all trash and recycling must be picked up by them. If you plan on doing a residential project, contact the Building Division at 714-229-6730 for more information on who you can use to dispose of your construction debris.
  • I have an old refrigerator and water heater that I would like to get rid of. How do I dispose of these items?

    All Cypress residents are eligible to have twelve (12) bulky items picked up per calendar year. Beginning October 1, 2017, all Cypress residents will be eligible to have two (2) bulky items picked up per calendar year.  Residents need to contact Valley Vista Services at 714-380-5450, to schedule a pick up date. Residents should place their bulky item scheduled for pick at the curb by 6 a.m. on the date of the pick up.

  • Who do I call to report illegal dumping of household hazardous waste?

    To report Illegal dumping call 800-69-TOXIC

    If someone has dumped a substance into the public right-of-way and it is heading towards the City's storm drain system, call the Public Works Department at (714) 229-6752 or (714) 229-6760 during regular business hours. If it is after hours, please call the Police Department at (714) 229-6600 or the County of Orange at 1-877-89SPILL.