In response to community concerns regarding coyote activity in neighborhoods, the City Council approved a comprehensive Coyote Management Plan.  The plan helps inform the public and provides guidance in dealing with coyotes in Cypress.  Successful coyote management requires active participation by residents to report coyote activity and work toward reshaping the behavior of coyotes in our community.

Coyote Management Plan

Reporting Coyote Encounters

Residents are encouraged to report coyote activity to the City at (714) 229-3381 or

Residents can also report coyote activity on Coyote Cacher at  Please check "yes" when asked if you'd like to be contacted about your report, which will enable the City to follow up with you if necessary.  

Coyote Cacher allows the City to monitor all reported encounters, as well as provides important data to researchers at the University of California Cooperative Extension.  Coyote Cacher also allows residents to view a map of reported encounters and sign up to receive email alerts.     


Coyote Behaviors and Recommended Resident Response

 Color coded chart with coyote actions list and recommended resident responses