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pact2What is P.A.C.T.?

PACT is a unique partnership between the police department and apartment communities in the city. PACT is designed to help resolve and prevent potential problems which would impact the quality of life for citizens living in our rental living communities. Most crime related problems are common in our apartment and rental living areas and exchanging information is critical to preventing and combating crime.

All of the Management Teams from the various apartment communities meet once a month and discuss issues that affect their apartment communities and ways that the police department can assist apartment owners/managers with problems that may arise. Other topics discussed may include:

  • Partnership commitment warning signs
  • Law enforcement's role in the eviction process
  • Neighbor Disputes
  • Illegal drug and criminal activity information exchange
  • Crime Trends
  • Much, much more…

If you are interested in being involved or would like more information about the PACT program, please call (714) 229-6626.

Mission Statement

The Cypress PACT team is a partnership between the apartment management teams and the Cypress Police Department, working together to provide a safe community environment in which to live, work, and play.

Common City Code Violations

Landscape Maintenance Overgrown Vegetation Dead groundcover Parking vehicles on lawns Nuisance Conditions Accumulation of junk, trash, and debris Abandoned, discarded, or unused objects such as automobiles, furniture, stoves, etc. Garage Sale Permits City requires residents to obtain a no-fee permit prior to having a garage/rummage/yard sale. Basketball Hoops / Skateboard Ramps, etc. May not be placed in the street, sidewalk, or any other public rights-of-way. Trash Can Placement Containers may not be placed at the point of pick up before 6:00 p.m. the day preceding pick up, and must be removed by 6:00 a.m. on the day after pick up. Containers must be stored in an area not visible from the street

Helpful Phone Numbers

  • Animal Control 714-935-7419
  • Board of Supervisors 714-834-3220
  • Briggeman Disposal 800-299-4898
  • Building Inspections 714-229-6730
  • Business Licenses 714-229-6712
  • Chamber of Commerce 714-827-2430
  • City Council Office 714-229-6699
  • City Manager’s Office 714-229-6680
  • Code Enforcement 714-229-6726
  • Comcast Cable 888-255-5789
  • Community Development 714-229-6720
  • Cypress College 714-484-7000
  • Cypress Public Works 714-229-6740
  • Cypress Senior Center 714-229-6670
  • Environmental Health 714-667-3600
  • Hazardous Waste Hotline 714-834-6752
  • Housing Authority/Renter’s Rights 714-480-2700
  • Police (Dispatch) 714-229-6600
  • Police (Front Desk) 714-229-6614
  • Police Emergency 911
  • Recreation/Community Svc 714-229-6780
  • Social Services 714-541-7700
  • Time Warner 888-892-2253
  • Vector Control 714-971-2421