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Property & Evidence

report writing roomThe Property and Evidence Unit is responsible for the daily processing and booking of criminal evidence collected by police personnel as part of crime scene investigation. The Police Services Officer assigned to Property maintains the daily security of property booked as lost, found, stolen, and for safekeeping. This assignment also requires data entry to maintain the integrity of the chain of evidence.

property_2This unit is also responsible for the police department's fleet maintenance. This requires the coordinating of equipment repairs, unit damage repairs, unit video repairs, and radio repairs. Thousands of items are currently under observation for criminal cases pending hearing and adjudication. This unit, with the help of a Police Aide, perform routine purges, property releases, auction processing, and assists the Records Bureau in the unit video and audio duplication process.

Each day scheduled audits are performed to aide in the continuous improvement of auditing, inventory, and releasing of property. The Police Service Officer also provides in-house booking procedure training to all teams for assuring that property and evidence is processed accurately from the moment it arrives.

Records Bureau

records_staff_2014The Records Bureau staff maintain and process all the confidential information collected daily by law enforcement personnel. The Records Bureau consists of Records Clerks and Police Aides who are responsible for a broad range of services. These responsibilities include the daily maintenance and security of criminal offender record information for both local and state computer requirements. This includes processing information for all reports, court packages, in-custodies, data entries, crimes and arrests, citations, field investigations, sex and drug offenses, bicycle licenses, firearms registrations, dispositions, mug shots and the purging and destruction of archived files.

This bureau also orders supplies, maintains and revises department forms, answers business calls, public records releasing, citation sign offs, oversized vehicle and bicycle permit issuances, vehicle releases, warrant and disposition processing, bail releases, and provides daily customer service to citizens at our front counter business lobby. In today's Information Age, the Records Bureau is at the heart of the information processing and a critical part of the daily support functions.