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For more information, or to be personally contacted by a member of the Cypress Police Department Recruiting Team, e-mail us at  Someone will get back to you soon.  Or you can call us direct at (714) 229-6630.

The Personnel and Training Unit is responsible for the hiring and training of police department personnel. Each year hundreds of applicants are processed through a rigorous series of tests to become police officers, reserve police officers, police service officers, clerks, aides and office assistants. Phases of the testing process may include a written exam, writing proficiency exam, physical agility test, chief’s oral exam, background investigation, polygraph examination, and psychological and medical examinations. The Cypress Police Department has a reputation of accepting only the finest applicants for employment. The Personnel and Training Unit also ensures police personnel are given the appropriate training for their position. This includes training mandated by the California Legislature, state agencies, courts, and Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST).

The Cypress Police Department recruits "entry level" applicants as well as "lateral" applicants from other law enforcement agencies. Those entry level applicants who are selected to become Cypress Police officers will need to complete the Regular Basic Course. The Regular Basic Course is the entry-level training requirement for peace officers, as specified by POST regulations. The police academy is an intensive six month course of training, prescribed by legislative requirements, to include all aspects of the law enforcement field. The challenges for law enforcement are increasingly demanding, requiring regular evaluation and updating of the content and techniques used to instruct peace officers. It is crucial that the initial training of an officer be effective to acquire the critical knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to deliver high quality service.

POST mandates the minimum curriculum and testing for the basic course, which is 982 hours of instruction. The curriculum for each basic course is divided into individual topics, called Learning Domains. The Learning Domains, 41 in total, contain the minimum required information for each subject. Each Learning Domain includes descriptions of learning needs, lists of related learning objectives, any required tests and instructional activities, and minimum hourly requirements. The Cypress Police Department is very active in the training process of law enforcement officers and civilian personnel. Cypress Police has representatives on staff with the Golden West Criminal Justice Training Center, and serving on the Executive Advisory Committee of the Golden West Criminal Justice Training Center, the Orange County Training Managers Association.