C&D Recycling Requirement

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Construction and Demolition Debris Materials Questionnaire

City Ordinance No. 1097 and the 2016 California Green Building Standards Code requires a person taking out a building permit for a “covered project” to complete a Construction and Demolition Debris Materials Questionnaire (otherwise known as the Diversion Plan).

Who Does this Apply to?

This requirement applies to anyone who works on a “covered project” as defined below:

(1) Additions or alterations of existing residential buildings where the addition or alteration increases the building’s area, volume, or size; or

(2) New construction or any non-residential construction project requiring a permit.

Applicable projects must:

  • Divert 65% of their C&D debris
  • Submit a C&D Diversion Plan to the City showing how the project will meet diversion requirements.


Residential Additions/Alterations

Residential additions or alterations may meet the reporting requirement by utilizing a waste management company that certifies a minimum 65% waste diversion.  The City’s franchise hauler, Valley Vista Services, Inc. certifies 75% diversion for all construction and demolition material.  Provide a copy of the diversion report from Valley Vista Services to the Building Division for inclusion in your inspection file to meet the reporting requirements.

New Construction & Non-Residential

To streamline the C&D Diversion Plan process for new construction or any non-residential construction projects, the City uses an online service to monitor the C&D program, www.cypress.wastetracking.com.  The first step in the Diversion Plan process must be submitted prior to the start of construction.  Once the project is completed and before your final inspection can occur, you must submit waste receipts via the online system to verify the material was diverted from the landfill.

For more information see our Building Division for the complete C&D packet when you obtain your building permit.