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Department Overview
Douglas Dancs, P.E., Director of Community Development

Public Works Department is the second largest department in the city both in personnel and budget. The Department consists of the Engineering and Maintenance Divisions. The goal of the Public Works Department is to maintain the high quality of the City's public facilities and infrastructure through innovative design and cost effective maintenance.

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Public Works Frequently Asked Questions/Topics

The Public Works Department is dedicated to maintaining the high quality of life for Cypress residents and your feedback is welcome. Please feel free to contact us at (714) 229-6740 if you have any questions or comments.


The Engineering Division of the Public Works Department consists of eight employees. Their responsibilities include the design and construction administration of all of the City's capital improvement projects, traffic engineering, subdivision and grading review, and general technical support for other City departments.

The Engineering Division has been on the forefront of technology to maintain the high quality city infrastructure. A recent innovative project resurfaced City streets with recycled rubber tire.  This material lasts longer than standard pavements and helps the environment by reusing discarded automobile tires. Another project interconnected signals along our major roads to allow signal computers to work together to maintain traffic flow, relieve congestion, and improve air quality by reducing the time vehicles are idling at traffic lights.

More specifically the Engineering Division is responsible for:

  • Engineering designs, bids, and inspection of construction of capital improvement projects
  • Traffic engineering throughout the city
  • Maintaining the city record maps and infrastructure drawings
  • Technical support for other city departments
  • Subdivision review and grading review
  • Administration of disposal of hazardous materials


The Maintenance Division of the Public Works Department consists of twenty-three employees and is responsible for maintaining City owned landscaped areas including parks, medians, and parkways, as well as general municipal infrastructure including 108 miles of sewers, 60 miles of storm drains, 105 miles of streets, 145 miles of sidewalks, 18,000 street trees, 47 traffic signals, 8,000 street signs, and 3,000 street lights. Each week this division provides such diverse services as street sweeping 233 miles of curb and gutter, mowing of 81 acres of grass (equal to 2,400 backyards!), cleaning and landscape trimming of 15 parks and the general maintenance of over 70,000 square feet of public buildings.

More specifically the Maintenance Division is responsible for:

  • City owned landscaped areas including parks, medians, parkways, and city facilities
  • Street trees
  • City owned sewers and storm drains
  • Streets and sidewalks
  • Traffic signals
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Building maintenance

Most work is done with a combination of our own crews and equipment along with contracted services provided by private companies. Exceptions are traffic signals, street lights, graffiti removal, and turf mowing which are almost entirely contracted out. In addition, large street and sidewalk maintenance projects are contracted out.

The Maintenance Division recently took an in-depth look at each of the services it provides to ensure that maintenance is done well and at the least possible cost. Maintenance groups have been downsized, computerized, and in some cases privatized, so that the City's maintenance is now performed with fewer personnel and with a combination of City employees and private contracts.

The Cypress Public Works Department tries very hard to provide the best possible maintenance services for our residents. If we have missed something that needs to be fixed, trimmed or otherwise attended to, please call the Public Works Maintenance Division at (714) 229-6760 to place a service request , or you may fill out and submit our request for service form online.