Code Enforcement

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Khuong Truong, Code Enforcement Officer
Phone Number: (714) 229-6726

Part of the Planning Division, the city’s code enforcement effort promotes and maintains standards to preserve the quality of life and public safety for all those who live, work and play in Cypress. Its purpose is to maintain, enhance, and improve the soundness of our neighborhoods and business centers through personalized contact, fair and cooperative application of regulations and the presentation of innovative solutions. This purpose is achieved through the cooperative efforts of property owners, business and members of the general public through their involvement, education and commitment to maintain and enhance their environment.

The Code Enforcement Division investigates complaints of property maintenance, inoperable vehicles, abandoned properties, overgrown landscaping, as well as other Zoning and Municipal Code violations. If a violation is noted, we work with the property owners and tenants to correct any violations and bring the property into compliance with City codes.